INFOSEC Nashville 2023 Charities

Fundraising for School Safety

This year InfoSec Nashville and ISSA Middle TN will be raising funds for a nonprofit organization doing much needed work in Tennessee in the area of school safety. We are proud to announce our commitment Safe and Sound Schools, as we recognize the urgent need to create safe environments for our students. In light of recent tragic incidents, it has become imperative for us to take action to help ensure the well-being of our educational institutions. Through our fundraising efforts, we aim to provide crucial resources, training, and support to schools in Tennessee, fostering a culture of safety and security. At this year’s conference we will be presenting leadership with a donation check. Please join us by making a donation below. 

Safe and Sound Schools

In addition to its commitment to advancing cybersecurity, InfoSec Nashville is proud to support the non-profit Safe and Sound Schools. Safe and Sound Schools work tirelessly to promote safety and security in educational environments, and through the conference, InfoSec Nashville aims to contribute to their meaningful efforts.