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Membership in the association is based upon one having primary interest or active involvement in information systems security in the educational, private, or public sector. In addition, membership is contingent upon interest in the purpose and objectives of the association as stated in Article II of the Bylaws and observance of the Code of Ethics as a prerequisite for, and as a condition of, continued affiliation with the association.

There are Various Categories of Membership:

General Membership

Professionals who have as their primary responsibility information systems security in the private or public sector, or professionals who supply information systems security consulting services to the private or public sector; or IS Auditors, or IS professionals who have as one of their primary responsibilities information systems security in the private or public sector; Educators, attorneys and law enforcement officers having a vested interest in information security; or Professionals with primary responsibility for marketing or supplying security equipment or products.

Government Organizational Membership

Government agencies may purchase an Organizational Membership for a specified function being performed by an employee. This membership will belong to the government agency, not the employee, and will be transferred to another individual as reassignments occur. When unassigned, this class of membership will have all rights and privileges of a General Member except, the rights to vote and hold office. If a person is named or assigned to this membership and said person signs and complies with the Code of Ethics, that person will be able to vote and hold office.

CISO Executive Membership

The role of information security executives continues to be defined and redefined as the integration of business and technology evolves. While these new positions gain more authority and responsibility, peers must form a collaborative environment to foster knowledge and influence that will help shape the profession. The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) recognizes this need and has created the exclusive CISO Executive Membership program to give executives an environment to achieve mutual success. Connecting professionals to a large network of peers, valuable information and top industry experts, the program is a functional resource for members to advance personal and industry understanding of critical issues in information security.

Included in your CISO Executive Membership

    • Free registration at 4 CISO Executive Forums per year, including lodging for one night and all meals at each Forum
    • Extensive networking opportunities with peers and experts on an on-going basis
    • Privileged access to online information
    • Direct access to top subject matter experts through educational seminars
    • An effective forum for understanding and influencing relevant standards and legislation 
    • Automatic CPE submission
    • One additional ISSA International general membership to an individual on the CISO member's staff

Student Membership

Student members are full-time students in an accredited institution of higher learning. This membership class carries the same privileges as that of a General Member except that Student Members may not vote on Association matters or hold an office on the ISSA International Board. There is no restriction against students forming a student chapter.

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